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ARTIST  Sebastien Coti

ARTIST Sebastien Coti



ARTLOVESME is a french art design label established by Sebastien Coti, multi-disciplinary artist and Valerie Lade, creative director and collage artist.


It represents a blurring of the line between art, architecture and design, interacting worlds, making sense with each other.


Selected parts of Sebastien Coti's original monumental paintings take center stage and are printed on everything from clothes to furnitures to walls to buildings... It plays with high quality digital printing on numerous surfaces to create a diversity of exclusive designs revealing the energy, strength and beauty of splatters, drips, strokes and blotches...

Valerie Lade's original collages are printed on diverse surfaces with the same high quality digital printing. Her work also includes projections of her digital video collages.


Both artists also enjoy to unite their artwork to create one common universe. 


ARTLOVESME is about expression and self- empowering the consumer to put their creativity into their daily experience of furnished spaces and fashion. It is about creating items that cater specifically to who they are.


ARTLOVESME is about uniqueness, exclusivity, and customization; it is about cultivating art as a lifestyle.

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