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Valerie Lade cuts, destructures, and pastes images to create her own universe. Nature, architecture, bodies, past and present meet to create a new vision. Valerie Lade is a Creative Director, photographer and film director with expertise in communications and branding in fashion and luxury. Originally from Paris, she has lived in Los Angeles, New York, Geneva and most recently Shanghai. She is passionate about the visual arts and practices the art of collage as a mean of mixing various cultural references.

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4WK Valerie Lade Christies_975x1175mm-4.jpg
3WK Valerie Lade Christies_975x1175mm-3.jpg
7WK Valerie Lade Christies_975x1175mm-7.jpg
9WK Valerie Lade Christies_975x1175mm-10.jpg
2WK Valerie Lade Christies_975x1175mm-2.jpg
8WK Valerie Lade Christies_975x1175mm-8.jpg
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